Photography: Technology and curiosity

Technology and curiosity: the reasons why I started with the photography. All those dials, weird numbers on the screen, shutters, lenses! And if there's something we geek IT people use is acronyms. SLR, HDR, TLR! “I need to learn how to use this thing!“, I said.

Today, I was walking around Helsinki, for more than 4 hours, without no route or plan, alone, snowing pretty bad but with such an excitement. Excitement reflected on my almost frozen fingers all over the buttons of my Canon. Nowadays, after 5 years of buying that machine, I still find new reasons of why I love photography.



Why do I love photography?

Photography changes the way I see things, period! It makes me go into a random street, to go around a building because I'm sure there's something “magical” on it. Suddenly I notice light, shapes, colors, textures, people, bulidings, trees, flowers.

Everything around me looks different and I wanna keep walking, exploring more, even if I'm freezing or I'm hungry. Because when I start to derive happiness from seeing some particularly awesome light, is when I realize that photography has changed that trip, that city, that experience.

Now photography is the easiest way to surprise myself, after watching the shoot I'll suddenly say “I'm really in this place!”. I developed a stronger love for life and with all the variety, color, history, movement, emotion, and awesomeness that makes up life.

For meditation and relaxation. To learn more about myself, that introspection, the more shoots I get, the more I realized how I see the world, what I'm interested in. To create something for my future kids, I'm not a bit fan of souvenirs and photos gain in value with every single day.

But over all, TO LIVE IN THE PRESENT. When I shoot I'm aware of everything if I want to capture it. I can’t be thinking about the movie I watched last night, or what I'm going to have for dinner. I lose myself in shooting, all my worries and daily stresses just melt away.

Anyone can become a photographer, it doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, what country you live in, if you travel often or not or what language you speak. Practice, open yourself up and live in the present. Soon you'll notice why a dog isn't the best friend of a man but a camera (inspired in some of Lauren Lim's 54 reasons)

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